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Updated: Jan 23

Musk regularly triggers rallies with his tweets. Dogecoin, for example, saw a short-term rise of over 900% in January 2021. But how are the profits treated for tax purposes?

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We advise you on all tax and social security issues related to cryptocurrencies in matters of:

  • Trading,

  • Mining,

  • DeFi as lending and liquidity mining,

  • Staking,

  • Maintenance of masternodes,

  • Airdrops

  • private assets vs. business assets

We prepare your tax return, check your tax assessment notices or advise you on the tax consequences of future investments and transactions. Depending on your investment strategy, there are tax structuring options.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining in importance as investment assets and as a means of payment. For example, two of the world's largest crypto exchanges - Kraken and Coinbase - report a significant increase in new users. As of January 2021, Elon Musk has invested approximately USD 1.5 billion of his operating assets in Bitcoin. With the tax administration of the Canton of Zug (Switzerland), tax debts of up to CHF 100,000 can even be settled in Bitcoin and Ethereum from the calendar year 2021.

Most blockchain networks use the proof-of-work concept. But the number of coins based on the proof-of-stake consensus is also increasing.

Our main page Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co. provides you with a brief overview of the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies in Switzerland.

You like us to prepare your tax return? On the page Steuererklärungen - tax return you can ask us for a fee quote.


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