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Tax Return

Tax Return

Swiss Income Tax Return

Regardless your tax status - whether you are a Swiss resident, an expat on a secondment, a Wochenaufenthalter or a "Grenzgänger" - under certain requirements, you are obliged to file an annual income tax return.
We prepare your income tax return for you. Our founder, Fabian Wernli, studied Swiss tax law and has profound knowledge of all deductible expenses and costs.


Tax return - Procedure


Get a fee quote

Einkunftsquellen - Sources of income
Familienstand - marital status?

Thank you! Your fee quote will be sent in a few hours


Get your documents ready

We agreed on the conditions - next, you provide us with the necessary documents. Depending on the sources of the income, we at least require:


  • salary statement (Lohnausweis)

  • tax forms or access code for the online tax return received from your local tax office

  • confirmation of your health insurance regarding the annual contributions

  • confirmation of your yealth insurance regarding the medical costs borne by yourself

  • bank or private statements about interest payments on debts

  • bank statements for each account with the saldo / sum on 31.12. of the respective year for the wealth tax return (Wertschriftenverzeichnis)

  • overview about held shares, cryptocurrencies and other assets on 31.12. of the respective year (prepared privately or from a bank or a broker)

  • expenses for your work (notebook, means of work, other expenses related to work)

  • costs for second education (after an accomplished first education, such as a bachelor study, traineeship etc)

  • confirmation about contributions to the "Säule 3a"

  • donation receipts

  • alimony payments (paid / received) for children: name, prename, birthdate, address of the child

  • if retired: Pension payments confirmation

  • For homeowners: all documents relating to debt interests, invoices for maintenance and renovation, operating and administrative costs

  • for new clients: last filed tax return and received tax assessment notice (definitive Veranlagung)

  • the completed form: ("tax questionnaire.pdf") - the document will be sent via e-mail or postally upon receipt of your approval of the fee quote


Couples provide the documents for each spouse.


The documents can be provided via e-mail or postally (please only copies):


Preparation of your tax return

Now, your tax return will be prepared within 4 weeks upon receipt of your documents.



Your tax return arrives

You receive an e-mail-message with the prepared tax return. (If requested, you receive the tax return postally). Please

  • print the return out

  • check the data

  • sign the return (couples: both spouses must sign)

  • send the signed forms with the documents under Number 2 to the local tax office.



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