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International Taxation

Double tax treaty, Grenzgänger and expats

Your tax consultant for international secondments and postings
Avoiding a double taxation

Wernli Tax Law Firm advises you on international secondments and postings, business trips and more.

Tax returns can be filed by our office for Switzerland and Germany, as our founder Fabian Wernli is a certified and experienced consultant in both countries. For all other countries, our Partner Firms provide you the necessary tax returns as we are part of an international network of tax consultants and attorneys-at-law.

We consult in the area of Double Tax Treaties (so-called Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen), clients are taxpayers with recidencies in multiple states, multiple state workers as cross-border commuter (Grenzgänger) and weekly residents (Wochenaufenthalter).
Our services for employees

  • tax return for Switzerland and/or Germany

  • Claims for reimbursement for excess source tax withheld (Quellensteuer)

  • Refund applications for overpaid withholding tax on capital gains (Verrechnungssteuer)

  • Assessment of your personal tax situation (tax liability, tax deductions etc.)

  • General advice on tax law and social legislation / insurances

  • A1-applications to social welfare authorities for business trips, secondments and postings

Our services for employers

  • Examination of the source tax liability for your employees (Quellensteuer)

  • Source tax calculations and monthly reports (Quellensteuer-Abrechnung)

  • tax returns for your posted employees

  • Exemption applications for the source tax liability on tax-free wages

  • Subsequent reporting of not (source) taxed wages

  • Assessment which social system the posted employee is subject to during the long-term or short-term secondment / posting

  • A1-applications to social welfare authorities for business trips and secondments / postings

  • Broad advice on labor law, social security law and tax law in connection with the secondment / posting

Get in touch with Wernli Tax Law Firm - we have profound knowledge and experience in international taxation. Your specialist for secondments and avoiding a double taxation

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